My premium leather accessories mediate between technology and a way of life that champions quality, craft, and traditional aesthetics.  

Every product reintroduces an enduring look and feel to the devices you use most and love best. My current collections respond to the Apple family of devices.

Leather tanning is a recycling process, the animals are sustainably farmed and each part of the animal is used. Without tanning the hide, it will decompose and be discarded.

I source the finest grade leathers from respected New York City-based purveyors. My pressure-sensitive adhesive, developed exclusively by 3M, simplifies the process of application and respects your device, leaving no residue upon removal.  Each product can be applied and reapplied multiple times to the same or similar devices.

My production process is a hybrid of the old-fashioned and the high-tech. I make every individual product by hand with the help of some cutting-edge technology. I proudly design and fabricate each and every Jamie Clawson product in New York City.

Each Leather hide has unique marks, color variations and a personality all it's own. These distinctive marks are barbed wire, nicks, brands, stretch marks, healed scars, grain variations, and nature’s other hallmarks.

Only true leather can boast these marks and pride of ownership is enhanced due to this individuality.